Fenqi Wang

Department of Linguistics, SFU


I’m a lecturer and postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Linguistics at Simon Fraser University, supervised by Dr. Henny Yeung and Dr. Yue Wang. I completed my PhD in linguistics at the University of Florida, where I was advised by Dr. Ratree Wayland.

My general research interests lie in speech production, speech perception, sound variation, speech emotion recognition, and bilingualism. In my studies, I have used a variety of research methods, including behavioral, neuroimaging, and computational techniques.

I’m currently investigating the vocal emotions in American English and Mandarin Chinese, aiming to unravel the complexities of the expression and perception of emotions in speech. In addition, I’m interested in sound variation in accented Mandarin and am exploring the use of deep/machine learning models to analyze the phonetic variation of fricatives in accented Mandarin.

Trained as a linguist, I combine linguistic theories with experimental and computational methods to study speech and the brain. My work have been published in various journals and conferences.


Jun 2, 2023 A new co-authored paper has been published in the Journal of French Language Studies.
Apr 21, 2023 A new co-authored paper has been accepted by Linguistics Vanguard.
Mar 29, 2023 A new co-authored paper has been published in Languages.

selected publications

  1. JFLS
    The pitch contour of the French discourse marker donc: A corpus-based study using generalized additive mixed-effects modeling (co-first author)
    Delin Deng, Fenqi Wang, and Ratree Wayland
    Journal of French Language Studies, 2023
  2. LV
    A variationist analysis of quoi in French native speech: A corpus-based study (in press, co-first author)
    Delin Deng, and Fenqi Wang
    Linguistics Vanguard, 2023
  3. LAN
    Quantitative acoustic versus deep learning metrics of lenition (co-first author)
    Ratree Wayland, Kevin Tang, Fenqi Wang, Sophia Vellozzi, and Rahul Sengupta
    Languages, 2023